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Dental Teeth Cleaning in Antalya,Turkey

Teeth deep cleaning is one of the crucial operations that help with the health of one’s teeth. Thanks to this treatment, patients can have a healthy mouth, and dental diseases can practically be eliminated. It is recommended that everyone gets this treatment minimum of once a year.

What is a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Teeth deep cleaning refers to the procedure that involves the removal of plaque by the way of thoroughly cleaning the mouth. That way, most dental diseases such as tartar, dental cavities, and different types of periodontal diseases can be prevented.

Dental Teeth Cleaning in Antalya,Turkey

This is because a toothbrush may not be able to eliminate most of the bacteria that can be stuffed in the mouth. In addition, cleaned bacteria can help with the odor of the mouth. In short, provided that it is done by a medical professional, the dental deep clean process can aid the patients in the long run.

How is Teeth Deep Cleaning Done?

Several different procedures are done within the scope of teeth deep cleaning. Although the steps of this operation can differ according to different dentists and the needs of the patients, the steps of the operation are usually as follows:

  • Before getting the treatment done, the patients may ask for deep cleaning teeth before and after pictures taken by their dentist to make sure that they are the right choice. 
  • The dentist checks whether there are underlying diseases within the patient’s mouth or not. 
  • If there are any diseases such as dental cavities, those are treated first. Then the process of deep cleaning teeth begins. 
  • Any dental plaque is removed from the teeth with the help of special equipment that can reach the places in the mouth where a toothbrush cannot. 

If there is too much tartar on the teeth, then the dentist can opt for treatments like debridement. Often, when it comes to this type of dental cleaning, patients must go for a re-cleaning at least once a year. That way, the patient can make sure that they have a clean and bacteria-free mouth.

Dentist clean her patient teeth

Different Types of Dental Cleanings

In particular, it is possible to pide it into two main headings: 

  • Routine Dental Cleaning: The type of dental cleaning that is supposed to be done at least once every six months. 
  • Deep Dental Cleaning: Done at least once a year.

While a routine dental cleaning helps the patients, a deep dental clean procedure can sometimes be the most correct option. This is because some of the tartar in the mouth might not be able to be cleaned with routine dental cleaning. Therefore, dentists might ask the patients whether they want a teeth deep cleaning or not. 

What is the Cost of Teeth Cleaning?

In Europe, deep cleaning teeth costs might range from 300 to 500 USD. Though the price can change depending on various factors, it is important to choose a dental hygienist who is professional in their field. It means that professionals in many different countries in Europe might not be affordable for your budget. But you can always look at different countries like Turkey to find a more affordable alternative. 

How Long Does Teeth Deep Cleaning Take?

Although the longevity of a teeth deep cleaning process can depend on things like the needs of the client, this process largely lasts several minutes. Typically, it might last for 45 minutes or an hour. But if the client needs different types of cleanings for his/her mouth, then it might last longer.

How Often Should I Get a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Most dental professionals recommend their clients get a routine dental cleaning twice a year and a dental deep clean once a year. To understand how often you should be getting this treatment done, you might want to get a check-up and ask for the opinion of your dentist. After all, a professional might understand your teeth better than you do.  

Teeth Deep Cleaning in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the most affordable and advantageous countries to get a dental deep clean procedure in. As a country, Turkey has a lot of tourist attractions, and one can have the advantage of both seeing these tourist places and getting his/her dental cleaning done. To sum up, in Turkey, you can benefit from professional dentists’ expertise at a lot more affordable prices.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Teeth in Turkey

In Turkey, you can have your teeth deep cleaned for 150-300 USD depending on the place you are getting them. To find out more about the prices, you can immediately contact Medical Dental Turkey and ask their professional dentists about the deep cleaning teeth cost.   


Can I Brush My Teeth After Deep Dental Cleaning?

It is completely possible to brush teeth after the treatment.

Can Deep Cleaning Damage Gums?

Deep dental cleaning cleans gums. Therefore, it does not damage gums, it does the complete opposite.

Will Teeth Tighten After Deep Cleaning?

After the process of a deep dental cleaning, teeth may tighten up due to the cleaning of plaque and tartar in the mouth. 

Is Teeth Deep Cleaning Permanent?

One of the disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth is that the process is not permanent. Therefore, a dental cleaning should be done a minimum of time during a year by a professional.