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Medical Dental Turkey

Visitors to Turkey are highly suggested to read notifications about Turkey’s visa regime before visiting. The reciprocity regulation may also affect Turkey's visa regime.

While a visa is not required for some countries, an e-visa may be sufficient for some countries. Others will need a visa from Turkish Representations. You can find more detailed information about which countries are granted visas on the page below.

There can be huge differences in prices between Turkey and countries like UK, Germany, or USA. Even though simple dental procedures do not show significant differences, complex dental procedures can yield significant benefits. 

All-on-four treatment, for example, in Turkey costs between £2,500-3,000, while in UK, it costs between £8000-12000.

A set of 12 Emax veneers at £250 each will cost you approximately £2500 in Turkey, while this fee would total £10,000 in the UK or Germany, where each veneer would cost between £900-1200.

Hollywood smile design costs £4500-5000 in Turkey and about £15,000 in Europe. The larger the size and scope of treatments, the more you would earn in Turkey. 

Furthermore, complementary treatments not covered by insurance in countries with high treatment fees can be provided free of charge or at a very low cost in Turkey.

Turkey applies different passport or visa procedures to each country. The countries allowed to enter Turkey only with an identity card are presented below.

1- Germany
2- Belgium
3- France
4- Georgia
5- Netherlands
6- Spain
7- Switzerland
8- Italy
9- TRNC 
10- Liechtenstein
11- Luxembourg
12- Malta
13- Portugal
14- Ukraine
15- Greece
16- Poland
17- Bulgaria

For more detailed information about Visa procedures, you can check the website below.

Each health insurance company may offer different coverages, but most dental treatments that are not performed for aesthetic purposes are covered by insurance. Since dental implants are made for essential needs, they are covered by insurance. 

Foreign cards are accepted in Turkey. You won't have any issues in Turkey if your card is a Visa or MasterCard. If you use a different credit card, you should check with your bank whether it is valid in Turkey.

When you withdraw money from ATMs in Turkey, more commissions are generally taken in Turkish Lira than in foreign currency. So, you should better withdraw your money in foreign currency and convert it to the Turkish Lira.

Antalya is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. You will not have any problems finding a place to stay here. Our team can also provide you with all kinds of assistance with your accommodation.

You can check out the reviews on the websites of tourism companies for booking a quality hotel in Antalya.

Turkish health care is of world-class standards and is very affordable. A million foreign patients visit Turkey every year for treatment. Additionally, Turkish citizens living in countries such as Germany, England, and America also prefer to have their medical treatment in Turkey.

The procedure may differ from clinic to clinic. However, when you contact our clinic, we arrange an online appointment with one of our dentists in order to show you exactly what to expect before the treatment.

We are an international dental clinic, and we know that dental treatments can only be successful when there is effective communication. Our dentists can speak English. We can arrange an interpreter for you if you speak a language other than English.

Antalya is a worthwhile place to come with your partner, and we recommend that you come that way. Most of our patients prefer to come with their partners or family. If you let us know in advance, we can make the necessary arrangements for the extra accommodation.

As Medical Dental, we use the highest quality dental products in all our treatments. For example, we prefer Straumann dental implants and crowns, a Swiss company and a global leader in implantology. We also noticed that many of the European patients we treat were directed to cheaper dental materials due to high costs in their countries.

You can buy a round-trip ticket to Antalya from all over Europe for an average of €400. Hotel fees range from €40 to €100 per night. For a two-week treatment and holiday, you need to pay on average between €1000 and €1800 depending on your choice of accommodation. Airfare is included in this price. A couple would spend between €1800 and €2500 in total, except for the treatment fee.

Implant treatments are two-stage treatments. However, during your first visit, we can insert your implant and discharge you with your temporary prosthesis after removing your old tooth and cleaning the infection and caries. But we will need to see you again about three months after your implant is inserted to fix your permanent crown.

Especially after complex dental treatment procedures, swelling of the gums, short-term bruising, bleeding, and severe pain may occur. So, you should be prepared for these complications.
You may need gauze in case of bleeding and a painkiller for aching, but we provide them for you in such cases. But you can carry a lip care cream and ice container with you.