Dental Tourism in Antalya,Turkey

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Dental Tourism in Antalya,Turkey

The concept of dental tourism involves presenting both treatment and tourism simultaneously. In this respect, it is not just a challenging journey for dental health but also aims to make patients get away from the stress of medical surgeries while receiving high-quality treatment and make them heartily say, “During my treatment, I had an excellent vacation".

Dental Tourism in Antalya,Turkey

Choosing the right city and clinic is the most important step in dental tourism. Unfortunately, there are very few cities in Europe where you can find these two services together. Antalya is one of the rare cities that fully fits this definition with its both dental and touristic facilities.

Its spectacular natural beauty and turquoise Mediterranean waters made Antalya a popular tourist destination among Europeans. Turkey's leading dental clinics also prefer Antalya and offer the health and pleasure of tourism together.

What Is Dental Tourism?

Generally, dental tourism refers to patients going abroad for treatment because of high private health fees or long waiting periods in their own country. However, a country specializing in a specific health field can offer better quality services at very affordable prices, just like the products specific to a country are better quality and cheaper.

Due to Turkey's specialization in dental care, nearly 150,000 foreign patients receive dental treatment annually. Consequently, Turkish dentists have become more experienced and more knowledgeable, and clinics invest more in technology to better serve patients.

two flying balloon over the sky in turkey dental tourism destination

Why Turkey for Dental Tourism?

Turkey hosts nearly one million health tourists, a significant number of which are dental tourists each year. However, unlike some countries, dentistry’s development in Turkey has not been just because of dental tourism in the last 10-15 years.

Turkey has nearly 150 years of modern dentistry experience and precious educational institutions in this field. Therefore, the training standards of a dentist in Turkey are even higher than in Europe and America. To become a dentist in Turkey, students must undergo a challenging 5-year education process. Furthermore, they are subjected to a 3-year advanced training program in the field in which they intend to specialize, such as orthodontics, periodontology, etc.

Due to the calm climate of the Mediterranean, patients who chose Turkey for their dental treatment will have no trouble overcoming the challenges and difficulties of the treatment process. Here, they will find opportunities to relax and have fun in the most prestigious hotels in the world.

Turkey also stands out for its affordability of these services. You can benefit from our free online consultation services by contacting us through our website.

castle of Antalya and many home located around it.

Why Dental Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

Consider two paintings made with the same paint brand on the same quality canvas. Let one of the painters is from Turkey with years of experience, who has gone through strict training processes to become a painter, and the other one is an American painter who also has years of experience in his field, and he has gone through a tough training process. Which do you think is better quality and which is more expensive?

Of course, their quality can be quite difficult to judge; however, due to the low general costs in Turkey, Turkish painters' paintings would likely be three or four times cheaper than American’s.

Dental treatments are just like that. As in artwork, most of the fee is paid not to the materials, such as canvas and paints, but to the painter, so the dentists are. Dentistry gets cheaper as the wages get lower, which is why dental tourism Turkey prices are low.

Secondly, countries specializing in a certain area of health can provide the best service and offer much more affordable prices. For example, Turkey has made great progress in the dental field due to its strong educational infrastructure.

In addition to serving all dental services, clinics now have their own anesthesiologists and laboratories and can perform small aesthetic procedures. This is another cause of lowering dental tourism prices in Turkey.

As Medical Dental, we offer many state-of-the-art technological opportunities, such as intraoral scanning instruments, microscopic devices, in-house laboratory CAD-CAM technology, and laser-assisted treatment opportunities, which you cannot always encounter, even in countries like UK or America.

What are Our Dental Tourism Services?

Our goal at Medical Dental Turkey is to help you maintain a perfect smile for a lifetime. As a full-service dental facility, we offer everything from general to complex treatments while preserving a personal relationship with each patient.

Our experienced dentists provide a wide variety of treatments, such as dental implants tourism, teeth whitening with laser Philips Zoom, bonding, no-prep veneers, all-on-4, Emax laminate veneers, dental crowns, deep cleaning, gum contouring, etc.

Travel (VIP Transfer)

You shouldn't let concerns such as accommodation and travel keep you from concentrating on your dental treatment. The guidance and assistance of a team in the foreign country you are traveling to is an essential part of a good treatment plan.

As Medical dental, we offer more of these to our patients. Although we make this service available to our patients who request it, we understand that this is part of the treatment and that patients' comfort is vital to a successful outcome.

Not only do we provide good accommodation and transfer to our patients, but we also let them enjoy the many holiday opportunities Antalya offers.

We give further detail about the treatment process and cost during their first online or phone conversation. If patients request, we arrange a quality hotel near our clinic. We also assist in transporting them from the airport to their hotels.


Antalya will offer you a lot of opportunities in terms of accommodation. You can choose a nice touristic hotel right next to our dental clinic or a 5-star town-sized hotel a little further away.

The fascinating atmosphere and natural beauties of the city will impress you enough. However, for a more productive holiday during your treatment, be sure to learn more about Antalya and plan for a boat tour.

After completing your dental treatment, you can continue to enjoy Antalya. Taxi fares in the city are quite reasonable and will more than meet your needs in this regard.

In line with the demands of our patients, we can plan the treatment fees to cover all accommodation and travel expenses.

women have teeth whitening operation in dental clinic Antalya

Why Choose Antalya for Dental Tourism?

In addition to offering quality dental care for Europeans and Russians, Antalya offers many holiday opportunities. There is no feasible alternative to Antalya in Europe to combine holiday and dental care.

The rapid development of dental tourism in the world led many quality dental clinics in Turkey to pick Antalya, which attracts the most tourists in Turkey and Europe.

The high level of trust placed in this city has resulted in a more experienced staff of dentists there, especially in aesthetic dentistry and implant surgery.

Patients who prefer Antalya for treatment also find the opportunity to get away from the treatment stress with funny activities.

Turkey is One of Best Dental Tourism Centre

There is a rapidly growing dental tourism reality in the world. Turkey's development in this field, whose potential in the dental field has just been realized, is above the world average.

This is a very important clue that shows that the patient's satisfaction with the treatment is constant.

Turkey's success in the dental field is not only a matter of dental tourism but rather the result of a well-established modern dental education system of Turkey dating back 150 years.

Turkey is also not like countries that are successful only because of dental tourism. Private health care in country is extremely successful in every field of health, which you can easily see when you examine its health system closely.