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Dental Curettage in Antalya,Turkey

Dental Curettage is performed to make the root surfaces flatter and thus reduce the area of impact on other teeth, as well as to inhibit infected parts. Dental curettage treatment helps patients to have a stronger set of teeth, as well as healthier.

dental curettage in turkey

What Is Dental Curettage?

The Dental Curettage procedure aims to treat carious tooth roots that negatively affect dental health. For this reason, the procedures performed also allow both aesthetically and the treatment of invisible root parts to be performed at the same time.

Dental Curettage makes it possible to regenerate and repair the area located in the root part of the tooth that triggers decay. In this way, both the patient's tooth and the teeth added later can be accepted by the gums much more easily.

Why Do You Need Dental Curettage?

Dental curettage can be applied in cases where the gums are damaged. It is usually possible to apply it to patients who have many gum problems. If you have had this treatment in the past and it has not been accepted by your body, it is recommended that you share it with your doctor.

Damage to the gums is a condition that needs to be treated. However, if left untreated, this condition turns into an infection and the problem progresses until it reaches tooth loss or bone. If you have redness, tenderness, swelling, etc. in your gums. if you are experiencing situations, you can overcome these problems by contacting Medical Dental Turkey specialists team.

The Procedure of Dental Curettage

Dental curettage or gum curettage is often preferred for gums that have been cleaned and left late for treatment. However, your oral hygiene is provided by our doctors before the procedure. Because it is a surgical operation, local anesthesia is preferred.

dentist examine patient teeth before dental curettage treatment in turkey

Our specialist doctors in the field begin the cleaning process by scaling the teeth to the boundaries of the gum after local anesthesia. This scaling continues until the treatment ends. The procedures included in the treatment are as follows:

  • Remove the plaque
  • Polishing teeth
  • Re-evaluate the level of tartar, etc.

In addition, regular checks for plaque, tartar, or deformities may be required regularly after the procedure. If you have your teeth cleaned before encountering this problem, there will be no need for periodontal curettage.

How Much Does Dental Curettage Cost?

The Dental Curettage price can be applied to a single tooth or the entire front teeth. Changes occur according to the number of teeth applied and the region. The average price for a single tooth in Europe varies between 50-350 dollars.  A complete procedure for the front teeth is worth a minimum of $ 1000 and can go up to $ 3000. 

As it is known, the average price of transactions carried out in Turkey is more budget-friendly than in Europe. A dental curettage procedure that you perform in our dental clinic is about $30 for a single tooth, and a general cleaning procedure is $70.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The treatment process, which starts from an average of half an hour, can take up to 1 hour. At the same time, if you agree with the doctor, the treatment can be spread to different times. The duration of curettage treatment varies depending on the tooth structure and how many teeth will be treated. Treatment may be prolonged depending on the amount of tartar present in the tooth or deformities.

Is Dental Curettage Painful?

Dental curettage is a painless procedure because the part of the tooth to be treated and cleaned is anesthetized through the application of anesthesia. For this reason, it can be said that the procedure is completed without experiencing any pain. 

On the other hand, there are defects in the teeth that do not pass with brushing, plaques that form, etc. it is necessary to scrape it so that it can be cleaned. You may feel a little uncomfortable due to this tooth scraping-process. However, the next day you will not feel any pain, soreness, or similar effects related to the dental curettage procedure.

What Is The Purpose of Curettage?

The purpose of dental curettage is to ensure that the teeth are smooth and spotless. The fact that the teeth have a rough structure will make it difficult to brush your teeth and cause them to be insufficiently effective. At the same time, problems such as tartar formation on the teeth that do not go away with brushing can also be solved with dental curettage treatment.

For healthier and aesthetically pleasing teeth and smiles, you can contact us by making an appointment at our clinic.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Dental Curettage Treatment?

There are no side effects of dental curettage in any way. Patients may only feel slight contractions in the gums and parts close to their roots. This condition is caused by the scraping process and therefore slight pressure is applied to the jaw.

When you have a dental curettage procedure performed through Medical Dental Turkey, you can get suggestions from your doctor about what you need to do after the procedure. However, if you feel any unexpected pain, you can contact us again.

Are Curettage and Root Planing The Same?

Since dental curettage treatment is in question, it is possible to say that the visible parts of the teeth are cleaned. However, in the root planning process , especially the root parts are examined and covered in the treatment. Therefore, although both processes are usually referred to together or interchangeably, it can be mentioned that there is a fundamental difference between them. 

However, if you want to have dental curettage treatment at our dental clinic, you can inform your doctor that you want to have a root planing procedure as well and you can see your treatment as you wish.

Dental Curettage In Turkey 

Having a dental curettage in Turkey and especially in Antalya, both save your budget and creates a great holiday opportunity. You can have all of your front teeth treated in Turkey with the desired dental curettage price for only one tooth in Europe. In other words, you can put your single and front teeth worth 30 and 70 dollars into the dental curettage procedure in Turkey. 

By purchasing dental curettage treatment in Antalya, you will have set foot in a city with a great view as well as budget-friendly prices. While exploring the beauties of Antalya, you can make your teeth healthier by coming to our clinic.