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Teeth whitening, also referred to as teeth bleaching, is among the fastest growing branch of aesthetic dentistry. These methods don’t cause irreversible damage to the tooth surface as in veneer or crown treatments. In general, they can be applied with three different methods. 

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  • In-house professional teeth whitening
  • The dentist-supervised home bleaching
  • Self-application over-the-counter (OTC) products

Although most people don't see much difference, teeth whitening involves removing stains from the surface of the teeth, whereas teeth bleaching involves whitening the teeth beyond their natural color.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening (teeth bleaching) is the process of removing different types of tooth stains and giving teeth a whiter appearance. It is often used when an urgent and quick solution, such as an important organization or wedding, is needed.

There are basically two types of teeth stains, and each requires a different technique depending on the severity; 

Extrinsic Stains

They occur on the surface of tooth enamel and are usually caused by poor oral care, but excessive smoking and frequent consumption of stain-causing foods are also important reasons for extrinsic stains.

These teeth stains can be treated with OTC (over-the-counter) products, but their excessive fluoride content can weaken tooth enamel. Mishandling of these products may result in more staining in the future.

There are also tooth whitening kits that can be used under the supervision of a dentist. In these treatments, which usually last a few weeks, kits containing hydrogen peroxide are used, but carbamide gel, which has less risk of damaging the teeth, is also suggested by American Dental Association (ADA).

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains occur under the tooth enamel and may result from congenital or childhood overuse of antibiotics.
This type of staining is usually treated in a dental clinic. Dentists use more concentrated active ingredients to achieve faster visible results. They apply hydrogen peroxide solution to bleach your teeth over a 20- to 30-minute period. 

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Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

You should start with teeth whitening procedures if your teeth have no structural defects and if your biggest issue is staining. Having whiter teeth can help you feel better about yourself, and that's perfectly fine. Although people resort to teeth bleaching as it is a quick solution and not an invasive method, it is also often preferred because of its following benefits.

Healthier Look

Even though you may have perfectly healthy teeth, dull, dingy, or stained teeth do not appear healthy. A brighter smile will make people perceive you as being younger and healthier.

More Confident

Your self-confidence increases when you feel confident and look good, which is one of the main reasons you should whiten your teeth.

Better Care 

A whiter smile is more likely to improve oral hygiene after whitening treatments. Good oral health is also one of the most important keys to overall health.

Is Teeth Whitening Can be Applied to Anyone?

Before applying the teeth whitening procedure, dentists check whether the patient meets certain criteria. A patient's mouth should be free of caries, infection, or gum disease. Furthermore, dentists may reject bleaching teeth for a variety of other reasons. They include;


Teeth whitening treatments performed at an early age or during the tooth development period can cause the teeth to become weaker and more fragile in the future. 


Teeth whitening methods have no proven negative effects on pregnant women. However, dentists recommend this treatment after pregnancy since hydrogen peroxide is likely to cause allergies. 

Extensive Dental Work

Dental prostheses, veneers, or any artificial dental product, react to whitening agents according to the material used. This causes different color shades and may cause even additional staining in the future. Hence, dentists do not recommend teeth whitening in such cases. However, if there aren’t many prosthetic teeth in the frontal region, professional teeth whitening can be applied.

You don't need to feel embarrassed about your smile anymore. We encourage you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our team is friendly and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

While different teeth whitening methods whiten your teeth in different ways, they also have different durability times. Below, you can examine these methods and their effectiveness; 

Over-the-counter Procedures

They whiten your teeth up to one shade and last a few months to 6 months. These products generally contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, or mild abrasives.

The lifespan of the effects can be extended by increasing the application time of the products. However, long-term use of these products may cause different allergies or sensitiveness and may carry risks.

These products can be categorized into three groups as follows;

Whitening Mouthwash

It takes a few months to create an effect with these hydrogen peroxide-containing mouthwash products. 

Whitening Strips

Strips provide superior results that last for up to 6 months and require fewer treatments than others. Clear extrinsic and mild intrinsic stains can be cleared using high-quality whitening strips.

Whitening Pens

A whitening pen is a portable tube containing whitening gel that is used to remove spot stains. Pens that whiten teeth usually take a week or more to be effective and usually don't provide long-term results. 

Home Whitening Kits Under A Dentist Supervision

These treatments are applied at home and require the supervision of a dentist. The products can be used by laying the whitening agents on a tray or a toothbrush. Treatment times are often shorter and may last for up 1 to 3 years. Up to 5 shades of whiter teeth are achievable with these treatments.

In Office Applications

These methods are effective for stains in the enamel and dentin that are difficult to remove. They can be applied with a 45-minute treatment and can provide permanent solutions for two to three years. 

In this method, the dentist applies an intense whitening agent to the tooth surface with laser teeth whitening or using a different therapeutic light. This method may provide up to 8 shades of whiter teeth.

Under the supervision of a skilled dental expert familiar with your oral history, Medical Dental Clinic ensures a safe, comprehensive, effective, and quick teeth whitening process. Our system of choice is Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening, a top-of-the-line technology that yields excellent results.  

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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Clinical tooth whitening procedures vary depending on the level of staining in the patient and take about half an hour to 90 minutes. The procedures usually require 1 to 3 sessions in which the patient can get his new white teeth. 

For patients who want to apply their treatments at home, dentists take the bite impression of the patient and prepare a customized tray for them. Patients put the peroxide solution on the tray and apply it to their teeth. This treatment method consists of several sessions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to whiten your teeth without performing invasive dental surgery. They use only chemical agents and curing lights to whiten your teeth. Here are the most common benefits of whitening your teeth;

  • You can achieve amazing results in a single session.
  • Even the stains under the tooth enamel can be thoroughly removed in a few sessions.
  • They do not lose their effect for a long time as long as good oral care is provided.
  • They have great aesthetic benefits and contribute to the patient's sense of confidence.
  • They are relatively inexpensive compared to other invasive methods,
  • After teeth whitening procedures, patients pay more attention to their oral health.

If you think that a teeth whitening procedure is a better solution for you, you should also examine the disadvantages of this treatment. Here are the most common disadvantages of teeth whitening;

  • Excessive use of hydrogen peroxide can weaken the tooth enamel and cause the dentine area to be more easily exposed to decay.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can cause inflammation in the gums, so this treatment is not recommended for patients with gum diseases.
  • The effect of the treatment is much shorter than invasive treatments.
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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Professional teeth whitening treatments generally consist of two categories. Below you can find detailed information about the costs of these treatment methods.

In-Office teeth bleaching cost;

  • In-office whitening produces dramatic color changes in a short period. 
  • In the USA, the cost is around: $650 per visit (on average). 
  • In England, the cost is around £500-600 per visit (on average)
  • In Germany, the cost is around € 400-450 per visit
  • In Turkey, the cost is around $100-200 per visit

For laser teeth whitening Turkey offers great price advantages with the same quality. 

Professionally Dispensed Home Kits;

Dentists tend to recommend home whitening kits that can produce better long-term results.

  • In the USA, the cost is around $500 to $1500
  • In England, the cost is around £400 – £750 
  • In Germany, the cost is around € 400
  • In Turkey, the cost is around $200-250

What is Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure. Before the treatment, a rubber dam is placed on your teeth to protect your gums, and then bleaching material is applied to the tooth surfaces. The dentist applies a laser beam for 30 to 45 minutes and cleans the mouth and teeth with a special solution.

For in-house methods, the treatment is applied completely at home. Your dentist will give you a custom-made mouth tray, and you can perform teeth whitening by putting the cleaning agents in this tray. The duration of this treatment will vary according to the hydrogen peroxide ratio recommended by your dentist. A higher ratio of whitening agents can whiten your teeth in a shorter time, but the risk factor will also increase in this case.

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Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Since teeth whitening treatments are performed for aesthetic purposes, they are not usually covered by insurance. Patients who don't want to pay these high fees in countries with high costs, such as Europe or America, usually prefer over-the-counter methods. While it is possible to achieve some degree of results with these methods, the treatment procedure is lengthy and incorrect application can pose a risk.

In Turkey, cosmetic dentistry is highly developed, and clinics use the latest technological equipment. Whether you are planning a holiday in Turkey or coming for a treatment, our clinic in Antalya will provide the latest technology for your treatment, and you will also be able to enjoy your holiday here. 

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Turkey? 

Teeth whitening Turkey's price is around $250 and $600. This price covers the entire treatment, not a single session fee. Home kit teeth whitening procedures, including laser light, vary between $150-300. 

Teeth Whitening Antalya

Turkey's favorite clinics now prefer Antalya for their dental services. You can find excellent holiday as well as high-quality treatment opportunities in Antalya.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening treatments should be performed under the supervision of an experienced dentist. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort in your teeth and gums. 

A professional dentist provides faster, more effective, and less risky results. However, even with a professional dentist, this treatment may pose risks such as gum inflammations or excessive peroxide usage. 

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

If teeth are whitened with the proper procedures, there will be no harm to the teeth. In other words, if you put more than the amount recommended by your dentist in an in-house kit or expose your teeth to hydrogen peroxide for a longer time, it may cause structural damage.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during teeth whitening procedures. However, during the post-treatment period, sensitivity may occur, so the dentists apply a special gel for sensitivity.

How Long After Teeth Whitening Can I Eat Normally?

It usually takes 24-72 hours to resume a regular healthy diet after teeth whitening surgery. To prevent re-staining, the patients should avoid foods that are likely to cause staining.