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Porcelain Crowns (PFM Crowns)

Restorative dentistry refers to the restoration of teeth in case of various types of damage, both functionally and aesthetically. It is possible to obtain whiter and smoother tooth surfaces by covering the teeth with porcelain crowns (PFM Crowns).

Porcelain Crowns (PFM Crowns)

The smile offers self-confidence and more comfortable living conditions. Being able to smile without embarrassment and with pleasure increases your quality of life.

This technology, which was first invented in the 1960s, is being applied in a painless and much more practical way today. Through porcelain coating, you can make it more comfortable to eat and consume cold or hot drinks without experiencing sensitivity.

What is Porcelain Crown?

PFM restorations used in restorative dentistry are preferred due to their long service life and more aesthetic appearance. Thanks to this method, which is applied together with both dental bridges and dental crowns, you can overcome many dental health problems, including rotten teeth.

You can have porcelain crowns treatment, which also helps with missing teeth, affordably through Medical Dental Turkey

What Is the Porcelain Crown Treatment Process?

Porcelain fused to metal crowns can be performed with a minimum of two repeated appointments with your dentist. First of all, the suitability of your teeth should be measured. Then the following stages are followed:

  • The tooth structure is examined.
  • The desired image is discussed.
  • Dental measurements are checked.
  • The products to be used are prepared.
  • The transaction process is started.

During the coating of teeth, both metal and porcelain materials are used. In this way, the crowns become more durable. Thanks to this procedure, which makes the tooth structure more aesthetic, you can smile more confidently and more often and enjoy your new porcelain teeth.

How Much Do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

Porcelain crown prices start at an average of $1000. Depending on the material used and the doctor you consult, this fee is up to $2500. Pricing is carried out due to the materials used and dental coating. Porcelain fused with metal, which can be used for decades, is very advantageous in terms of both comfort and pricing.

Porcelain fused with metal alloy products, which are offered as a mixture of various elements such as gold and palladium, are preferred by customers, especially because they contain platinum. Thanks to their strong and wear-resistant structure, you can benefit from the application of veneered dental products that you can use for a long time at a time.

What Are the Differences Between Porcelain and Other Types of Crowns?

The most important difference between porcelain from other coating structures is that it gives a good aesthetic result. Veneers can be made on top of missing teeth instead of or after the treatment of caries. Although it can also be produced with different products such as chromium and cobalt, it is often preferred because of its appearance and painlessness.

The same comparison applies to porcelain vs zirconia crowns. Thanks to this alloy, which is used and prepared using metals, you can have your mouth design made in the best way. 

Porcelain crowns can be used because of their aesthetic and smooth appearance inspired by ceramics. In this way, asymmetry or sensitivity in the teeth can be eliminated. It is possible to say that this treatment method, which is used for the entire tooth structure, resembles a tooth filling performed aesthetically.

porcelain Crown Treatment Before After image

How Long Do Porcelain Crowns Last

With the privilege of porcelain fused to a metal crown, you can use your teeth efficiently for a minimum of 10 years. Depending on the quality of the alloy materials used, the service life of the dental crown structure varies. Both protecting your teeth and achieving a completely aesthetic appearance become quite easy with porcelain crown treatment.

The procedure applied especially to the front teeth is also used for molars. First of all, to protect the tooth, the cavity is closed with a metal alloy, just like in a dental filling. Then the coating of the teeth is performed. Simultaneously, this method can also be used in one-way coatings.

Who Can Benefit The Most from a Porcelain Crown?

Porcelain Crowns for teeth are very advantageous. Patients who have undergone root canal treatment on their teeth can have this procedure performed so that their sensitivity disappears. In addition, it is possible to apply porcelain crown treatment just for an aesthetic appearance.

Porcelain fused to a metal crown is used to close the bruises while stopping their progress. This situation provides advantages in terms of both dental health and dental aesthetics. Therefore, anyone who wants to close the defects in their teeth with healthy methods can benefit from porcelain crown treatment.

What Is the Average Life of a Porcelain Crown?

The lifespan of a PFM Crowns application is more than 10 years. The reason for this situation is that in addition to porcelain, metal plating is also used. Therefore, thanks to a one-time procedure, you will get rid of problems related to dental health in the next minimum of 10 years of your life. Porcelain fused to metal crowns aims to keep your teeth in their original state, but at the same time make them look more aesthetic.

What are the Benefits of Porcelain Crown Treatment?

If you are worried about your teeth or if you cannot have the whitening process done due to caries, the Porcelain Crown treatment is very suitable for you. Thanks to this advanced technology treatment method porcelain fused to a metal crown, you can use your mouth more comfortably.

At the same time, it is possible to catch a glow that will refresh your self-confidence in terms of aesthetic appearance. In addition, porcelain crown cost is advantageous because it can be used for years.

Patient who had porcelain crown in Turkey

Porcelain Crowns in Antalya,Turkey 

Porcelain crowns in Turkey are both budget-friendly and comfortable through Medical Dental Turkey. Located in one of the favourite locations of Antalya, our dental clinic offers treatment and vacation opportunities simultaneously. In this way, you can both have a new smile and come back from your treatment in a more rested mood. 

You can contact us to receive aesthetic treatment related to dental health, including accommodation in Antalya, one of the most visited cities as a tourist destination, and also to take a vacation. Moreover, we always guarantee your satisfaction with porcelain crowns.

Cost of Porcelain Crowns in Antalya,Turkey 

The porcelain fused to metal crown process is very affordable within the borders of Turkey. Thanks to Medical DentalTurkey, you can have your teeth coated for an average of 80-100 dollars. Moreover, you can get both treatment and vacation in your own country without exceeding the budget you have allocated for treatment.

The cost of porcelain crowns is very affordable in Turkey. While porcelain crown has prices starting from 500 dollars within the borders of America, a gold crown transaction in Turkey is only 100 dollars. To access more beautiful smiles more economically, you can perform porcelain fused to crown operation with the difference of Medical Dental Turkey.

Porcelain Crowns - FAQ

Can Porcelain Crowns Last 30 Years?

In general, the lifetime of the porcelain crown process is 10-15 years. However, this time varies according to the materials used in the coating process. If the porcelain structure is paid attention to during use, it is possible to use denture coatings for a longer period.

How Often Should Porcelain Crowns Be Replaced? 

The Porcelain Crown structure can be used for many years. Therefore, they do not need to be replaced as long as there are no problems.

Is There Any Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain Crowns? 

Ceramic and porcelain crown structures may differ in content. This also depends on the manufacturer.

Is It Better to Pull a Tooth or Get a Crown?

Tooth extraction can always be an option. Moreover, you can have your teeth removed and have a veneer instead. Therefore, you don't need to hold a tooth in place that needs to be pulled out to get porcelain fused to the crown.